A Bit More About Mom

I’m always interested in the details. What makes a person tick. What they love, what they hate. Here is a more ‘real’ about page. So hello. It’s nice to meet you. I have always considered my readers as friends. Thanks for showing up. If you were in my kitchen, I’d fix you some coffee…

First and foremost, I am Mom to my three sprites – Max, Lewis and Della and wife to my best friend and biggest crush, Matt. I was born in the Deep South and was raised to be very polite and well groomed. I am now a Westerner by choice and am still very polite. We live in Durango, Colorado.

I love reading and writing, art and design, ethnic food, antique swimming pools, trail running, swimming in wild water, cooking on a wood stove, libraries, leggy plants in odd containers, and blue jeans. I want to retire to a teepee. I will beat you at hop scotch and only own 21 articles of clothing.. Coffee is an integral part of my day. I tend to look on the bright side of things and often have an irreverent view point that keeps me smiling. Each and every day I choose Joy. I’m guessing that I’m a prime candidate for Meditation.

I have some strong opinions, but don’t much care for controversy. For years, I wrote a ‘mommy blog’ but very quickly got tired of the deep, muddy, opinionated rabbit hole of parenting philosophies. In general, I  think that there are several thousand right ways to parent and that it’s all personal. I think that the most important job I have as a mom is to believe in my kids and empower them to work hard toward their heart’s desire.

I teach reading and art and think that those two things alone, pretty much, can make us successful, vibrant, and joyful human beings! I also have a small marketing boutique and I love to help people see their highest business potential. I am big on manners and am sometimes horribly shocked by my own children. I don’t sweat the details. Not much in my life is perfect. Nothing really. I struggle. I have bad days. Nay, I have bad weeks. I worry about the future. I try not to worry. I keep on keeping on. I have found, that more than most anything, travel is a portal to a deeper, richer experience. When we are out and about, we are deprived of our comfort zone and safety net and life feels fresh and potential filled.

Nice to meet you. Feel free to stick around and see what happens next…..

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