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Our school, Ulew Tinimit.

One of the reasons for our trip was to learn Spanish. We are in a Spanish immersion program for five hours a day. At the moment we are learning in a group class, but next week we will be in one on one classes with a teacher that asesses your level and then attacks! Intensivo is the word that gets thrown around. It is. The mornings have flown by so far. Conjugating and rules and irregularities, months, days, seasons, numbers, masculine, feminine, it goes on and on. Our teacher speaks very little English, everything is en espanol, so there is no moment to relax the brain. It’s the same at home with the host family….all Spanish. In the afternoons there are scheduled activities that we attend. Yesterday we watched a movie, today we went to a salsa class, tomorrow a chocolate making class, and later a trip to a hot spring. After we are a bit more proficient, we will be volunteering with local organizations. 

I feel like an idiot. I have a million questions and am tongue tied. I oddly lapse into French, which I hardly know at all, but apparently some of it sank in during high school and college. I don’t like ‘not knowing’.

It is highly amusing being in a class with your kids when they are light years ahead.of you It’s quite fun having them lean in and explain something, a refreshing dynamic that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise!

I’m signing off because my brain is mush.

(It’s another post, but I’ve also been eating lots of mush.) 

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