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Look! One of my favorite plants was waiting for me in Guatemala! It’s a type of Gunnera and I haven’t seen one since Max was born….16 years ago, in the park in Port Townsend. LOVE these big boys!

Because we found a hot springs paradise hugging the side of an active volcano. 

Here’s what Lonely Planet has to say…..
“A superb natural spa in a spectacular setting, Fuentes Georginas is an 8km drive uphill from Zunil. It’s named after the wife of ‘benevolent dictator’ Jorge Ubico, who customarily comandeered the installations on weekends for his personal use. Four pools of varying temperatures are fed by hot sulfur springs and framed by a steep, high wall of tropical vines, ferns and flowers. Though the setting is intensely tropical, the mountain air currents keep it deliciously cool through the day. There is a little 500m walk starting from beside the pool, worth doing to check out the birds and orchids. Bring a bathing suit; towels are available (Q10 plus deposit). Lockers cost Q5. Hurricane Agatha ripped through the spa in 2010, all but destroying the installations. Fortunately, it’s been completely rebuilt and restored, though patches of the road in remain perilously damaged. 
Besides the restaurant/bar, which serves great grilled steaks, sausage and papas, there are three sheltered picnic tables with cooking grills. Big-time soakers will want to spend the night: down the valley a bit are nine rustic but cozy cottages, each with a hot tub and cold shower, barbecue and a fireplace to ward off the mountain chill at night (wood and matches provided). Included in the price of the cottages is access to the pools all day and all night, when rules are relaxed.
Trails lead to two nearby volcanoes: Volcán Zunil (15km, about three hours one way) and Volcán Santo Tomás (25km, about five hours one way). Guides (essential) are available for either trip. Ask at the restaurant.”

Oh my, It was lovely. 
We went with our new friend, Sheryl, a woman from Calgary who is on an eight month journey through Central America. She took a trip to Africa a few years ago and came back to her job, sat down at her desk, looked around and ten minutes later informed her company that she was taking early retirement to travel the world. My kind of gal. As enriching as the cultural experience are the people you meet along the way. There is an immediate bond and camaraderie that cares not one whit about age or status or past. 

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