Xocomil or How Della got stuck in a Human Torpedo

Xocomil Water Park,Guatemala
Xocomil Water Park in Guatemala is jaw dropping. Guatemala is nothing if not a paradox. Just when you think you might be Guatemala-ed out, it throws you an unexpected twist. Xocomil, located in the middle of nowhere, is one of the best water parks in the world. It costs next to nothing to get in….$12 American, a fortune around here, and it’s rather awesome. It’s so awesome that they are putting in an International airport solely for the park. It’s one of the top destinations in Central and South America. There is something for everyone and state of the art technology (not something Guatemala is known for) means that some rides are almost too scary! My boys would only ride the roller coaster once! When you are atop the huge towers waiting to go down, you can see for miles in all directions. It looks like they filmed Jurassic Park here and that any moment Hu-normous Rex might come crashing out of the jungle.

The scariest ride is a vertical tube that they seal you into.They lock the door and then turn a key. It’s just awful and very, very fun. A woman counts down, 3-2-1, in an eerie sci-fi voice. And the floor drops out from under you. You free fall for a long, long way through a small tube and then you are swept up vertically in a series of loops that eventually crash into a pool at the bottom.

Unless you are Della.

In her case, she dropped as she should have and shot almost, BUT NOT QUITE, up to the next huge loop. She slowed and stopped, then slid BACKWARDS back through the ride. You can sort of see people shooting though the tubes. Max was the one to sound the alarm. They were waiting at the bottom, I was at the top. Max, who has no tolerance for drama of any kind (I am raising a young version of my own father, which is funny, really) started violently shaking his head and crossing his arms back and forth. As if she didn’t make the field goal attempt. Matt chimed in and the lifeguards told him to take it down a notch. It’s not like his daughter was trapped in a Human Torpedo Tube?!!!!?!! Della, ever calm and practical, made her way to the light. There was a clear part of the tube that was also a door and some dude let her out.

She was/is perfectly fine and was actually excited to be able to go back and tell her story to her friend Ben, who dared her to do it in the first place. Viva Guatemala!

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