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Is Central America safe
Dive Inspection Utila Honduras
Max, Lewis, and Della and their pre-dive checklist with Wit, their dive instructor. When it comes to diving, safety IS the main objective!

Nothing is straightforward in Central America and I mean NOTHING. I am posting this from my phone because the computer is on the fritz and has been for a few weeks. Something as simple as finding a mag charger for a Mac Air is literally a wild goose chase that could involve a soap salesman, a Burger King, or a stint in prison. You just never know. My Dad’s final parting words before our trip were not “I love you” or “have fun”. His final words were “don’t do anything stupid”.

So, I haven’t gotten a tattoo or pierced any body parts and neither have the kids. I think that’s sort of what he meant. However, several times most everyday, we have done something that would easily fall into the ‘stupid’ category. Whether it’s crossing a border into a recently war torn country, eating black clams from a jungle swamp, driving through San Pedro Sula , or simply stepping up into a chicken bus we have said yes to adventure, yes to life, and sometimes yes to stupid. Sorry Dad.

I don’t dare upload a picture. It will time out and I’ll have to start all over. Wifi is ridiculously unpredictable. I am writing down the stories and will share them all when we get home, I promise. Because I know you want to hear about Max on the crib mattress in the back of the pick up truck, what it’s like to find yourself in an El Salvadorean hospital (loose term)twice in one day, and where you should go to indulge your dark side, should you have one, in a positive, uplifting environment. How cryptic is that?

We we are headed back to Antigua today to insinuate ourselves into the biggest, loudest, most crowded and fervent celebration in all of Central America….Semana Santa. We have been warned that it is nonstop, and over the top, that we’d be crazy (stupid) to be in Antigua during Semana Santa. But I love Easter. I love the idea of being in the very epicenter, barring the Vatican, of Holy Week. So while it may not be the most prudent choice, sharing Easter with such an exuberant group of faithful folks sounds like a good idea.

Bottom line….hang on….I’ll be back in touch.

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